Cairo Photography Club

Areas of Focus:
Address: Villa 46 Street 7, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Al Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728
Villa 92 Hassan Ma'moon, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate
Date of Establishment: 2011
Phone: +2 0115 0018 587 - 01022263152
Public Hours:
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Mission Statement

Cairo Photography Club was founded in 2011
Our idea was to build a community for photographers where they can learn, Practice and improve their skills, also to offer activities, workshops and outing to allow photographers to practice and improve their photography skills and encourage them to bring their best.
Later, we started improving and adding more sections to our club to provide more integrated services to photographers to cover all their photography needs to become the photographer they want to be.

Cairo Photography School
One of the premier photography schools in Egypt
Our mission is to offer education and inspiration to photographers of all levels through classes, workshops to add new photographers to photographers’ community
Whether a passionate enthusiast or pro, I-Learn let photographers explore & expand their skills on any camera and discover great fun and true passion.

Photography gear can be expensive – sometimes you just need a special lens, camera body or lighting equipment temporarily.
I-Rent has extensive selection of digital camera gear, lenses, lighting, & studio equipment for rent
We are determined to provide the photographic community with the highest level of service, products, rental equipment and technical support.

If you are ready to upgrade your gear, or you have equipment that you would like to turn into cash, I-Sell is the best place .. here you can buy and sell all your photography gear easy and quick without hassle with fair prices when buying or selling.

We have a professional photographers team to provide photography services to handle all your photography needs
we also provide retouching and video production services.

We offer High quality professional printing services for photographers
I-Print will help you achieve the perfect print, every time

CPC Studio
CPC Studio is an affordable, well equipped, easy to access photography studio ..
Our studio is available for rent to both amateur and professional photographers as well as videographers.
we provide you with all lighting equipment, makeup station, dressing zone and the studio’s crew is available to support all your production needs,
We also offer full-service photography shoots and post-processing

CPC Helpers
CPC Helpers is the first Photographers customer service in Egypt our professional team is dedicated to help and support photographers
you can send all your questions or call our team and we will do our best to reply and answer your questions

Looking for a place to host an upcoming computer training session?
CPC Lab is your place for a complete workflow solution for editing, Retouching and Montage your projects.
We provide Mac Workstation and lab consultants to assist you for your specific issue.

CPC Rooms
CPC Rooms offers many rooms that can accommodate events of all sizes.
CPC Rooms including classrooms, meeting rooms, Studio and Computer Lab.

CPC Cafe
First photographers’ cafe in Egypt
CPC Cafe, the place to meet, chat, share, and learn about photography through interaction among old and new friends alike.
CPC Cafe promotes competition, constructive criticism, and an exciting learning environment where people can better their passion for photography.
The Café also hosts a variety of free and informal events exploring and debating photography.