Al Shorouk Newspaper

Mission Statement
Al-Shorouk newspaper website, a comprehensive news website for the Arab reader, is published by Dar Al-Shorouk in parallel with the new Al-Shorouk newspaper. The site forms with the new newspaper a media duo that feeds each other with content, readers' posts, and other press materials and forms of interaction, commensurate with the nature of each, to provide an integrated service to the reader according to his inclinations and needs. The site includes all that the Arab reader needs in general, and the Egyptian reader in particular, such as news, topics, reports, articles, analyzes, and photographic and film materials that make him live, follow, and also participate in the developments of events taking place around him, whether inside Egypt, or in the Arab region, or in the world in general. In addition to this news follow-up, Al-Shorouk will contain articles by a group of senior writers and people of thought and opinion in Egypt, the Arab world and the world, and it will also open spaces for larger groups of writers and specialists in many fields, successively, to write to you about everything that interests you through "Al-Shorouk blogs". We at Al-Shorouk website believe that the Internet is the result of its users, their ideas, and their participation, and that there is no future for a site that does not give the word to its reader in all possible forms, and this is not possible without your continuous communication with us, whether with your comments on the published content or your reactions and suggestions about the site in general, so that we can always develop it For your benefit, using whatever techniques or sources of content we know. Let it be a true sunrise, and let this site be your official site for ideas and news.