How to Write and Manage Winning Proposals Training(لقد مرت هذه الفعالية)

١١ مارس–١٣، ٢٠١٧
تنظمها: بيت الكرمة
المكان: بيت الكرمة
العنوان: ٥٠ شارع نادي الصيد، الدقي
الدخول: تكلفة الورشة : 950 جنيه مصري
الموقع الالكتروني:

Professional Services Providers including engineers, management consultants, ICT solutions providers, development consultants and NGOs are usually requested to submit a proposal in response to a Request for Proposal. The three days training course will focus on how to design successful proposal strategies including defining winning themes, the use of story-boarding technique, proposal complianec matrix and proposal outline. All will lead to responsive and competitive bids. Writing techniques and writing an executive summary will also be discussed 


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