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Mar 26, 2015 4:00–9:00pm
Organized by: Tahrir Lounge
Venue: Tahrir Lounge
Address: 5 El Bostan St., off Talaat Harb, Downtown Cairo, Egypt
P.O. Box 7, Mohamed Farid 11518
Website: www.facebook.com/events/648951831901316/

Ever get up in the morning and sit down at your computer only to find.. the sun is setting and another day is lost online? Do you wake up in front of your computer covered in spider webs?

Do you find yourself sitting on the computer when you swore you'd take some time off? When your parents told you that you need to get off? When your dinner is getting cold?

Checking your Facebook several times while studying sounds familiar? 
If you don't feel like you can control yourself around the internet, you gotta problem.

Do you later feel guilty for spending too much time online? This push and pull is called "addiction" - get a sponsor!

But we won't let you go so far ,, REACT is your destination ;)
We have been in your shoes for so long and now it's time to change and have a life! ;)

REACT is inviting you to a life changing event to explore yourself and know more about other things than surfing the internet .

-You will be able to interact with psychiatrist and know more about the internet "symptoms" and how to overcome it in its early stages .

-Also we are giving you the chance to get to try new things like drawing,dancing and other talents in our "Talents Bazar" so you can get to know yourself more and more ;)

-And as for the FUN part get ready for a "Standup Comedy Show" so you can Laugh out load for real ;)

-What are you waiting for! 
Let's have some fun and drop off our phones