D-CAF 2016: Film masterclass: Adapting literature to film (France/Egypt)
(This event has passed)

Apr 20, 2016 7:00–9:00pm
Organized by: D-CAF - Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival
Venue: Balassi Institute - Office of the Hungarian Cultural Counsellor
Address: 13 Gawad Hosni Street, 2nd floor, Abdin, Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Free
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1758680454418243/

By: Isabelle Fauvel, Hakim Mao, Ayman El Amir and Michael Katz Krefeld

Adaptation from A-Z: Are We Living in the Age of Adaptation?

Cinema has always found inspiration in books: in the international box office, out of every 20 movies 10 are adaptations, and the biggest commercial success ever remains Gone with the wind, adapted from the novel by Margaret Mitchell.

It seems that the material adapted is more and more varied: people adapt comics, short stories, novels, plays, biographies, even essays into features, shorts, documentaries etc.…

This masterclass will focus on the professionals’ practices in term of adaptation, and explain how a book can be turned into a script then film. Who are the interlocutors for this transformation process from a work of art to another? What is it possible to do and what isn’t?

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