Words on Water: Preserving Cultures
(This event has passed)

Apr 2, 2015 7:00pm
Organized by: Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC)
Venue: Supreme Council for Culture
Address: 1, El Gabalaya St., El Gezirah, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.
Website: www.facebook.com/events/449042315244278/

The Embassy of India, in collaboration with Teamwork Arts, will organize Words on Water – A conversation on Preserving Cultures, 2 April at 7pm at the Supreme Council of Culture. This event is a part of the third edition of the ‘India by the Nile’ festival, an event which has the distinction of being the largest foreign cultural festival in Egypt since the 25 January Revolution. The current edition of this festival features a broad variety of performances and events that showcase both the classical and the contemporary culture of India.

The event will see intellectuals and leading figures from the world of Culture speak and share their experiences about the importance of continuity in preserving a country’s identity and talking about the that cultural heritage can be managed and protected. From the Egyptian side, Prof. Mohammed Afifi, head of the Supreme Council of Culture, leading Artist Mohamed Abla, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Head of Central Projects and Services Sector Khaled Azab, and the CEO of AR Group of Publications Ashraf Reda will be present. From the Indian side, Laila Tyabji, social entrepreneur in the field of handicrafts, Sanjoy Roy, Director of Teamwork Arts, the culture and arts promotion company that organizes the festival, and Sidharth Bhatia, a veteran journalist who has also written extensivelyabout films and arts will speak about the Indian experiences.

Speaking about the event, Ambassador Navdeep Suri said, ‘India and Egypt are the proud inheritors of two of the world’s most ancient civilizations, each remarkable for its phenomenal achievements and creativity over the millennia. Preserving and promoting our rich culture heritage is a solemn responsibility of our generation and of those that follow us. This conversation between experts and intellectuals from the two sides will hopefully create an enduring platform to share our learnings and best practices.’