The Urban Forming of Streets Collective Facades
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Feb 12, 2014 7:00–10:00pm
Organized by: Megawra
Venue: Megawra
Address: Al ashraf Street off Alsayeda Nafisa square - Al-Khalifa -Cairo

Analytical Study of El-Saleba Street Collective Facade, El-Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo

     Paths and Urban Spaces of the City is a pulsing entity, giving the individuals and passersby several of visual messages, which achieves an effective visual experience. When the quality and value of these messages increased, the more of urban environment correlation is happened, creating what is called “Sense of the Place” for the individuals inside the urban context.

On the other hand, Collective Facades is one of the main tools that are responsible for this distinct visual message, which produced from its components and several forming elements. These facades are always in alteration and modification process, as a reason of the needs the individuals inside the urban context. That is why; there is a mutual scenario between the existing and renewed ones. So, it should take in consideration achieving coherence and homogeneity between these elements, existing and renewed ones, especially if these existing ones are belonged to a valuable context, having a historic and cultural background.

Thus, this study aims to recognition the factors influencing the forming of collective facades, and the usage of these factors for creating coherence and correlation between its existing and renewed items, through the observing of El-Saleba Street collective facade, one of the most important streets inside Historic Cairo zone.

Akram Youssef’s short Bio:

Architect & Urban Designer, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University. Bachelor of Architecture, 2005, Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University. Master of Urban Development and Communities Design, 2009, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Akram is a Participant in Teaching Subjects of Architectural Design and Urban Development; also he is a participant in several scientific activities and events at Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University.

Besides his Academic Work, He is a member of: of Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, Society of Egyptian Architects, Association of Malaysian Environment-Behavior Researchers, Egypt (AMER Egypt- Under Construction). Also he is an applied practitioner of Architecture and Urban Design for several projects, inside and outside Egypt. Akram is Interested in the Issues of: Heritage, Urban Growth and Urban Control, Urban and Architectural Education.