Salon: Design, Water, Power - a talk by Joseph Audeh
(This event has passed)

May 19, 2013 7:00pm
Organized by: The Townhouse Gallery
Venue: The Townhouse Gallery
Address: 10 Nabrawy Street (off Champollion Street) Downtown, Cairo

Salon: Design, Water, Power is a discussion about hydrological development in Egypt and the accumulation of power and capital it makes possible. We will explore state and civic strategies used to overcome issues of water scarcity and availability across the Middle East, as well as hybrid solutions that combine Islamic technology with future innovation.

Joseph Audeh is a Palestinian-American artist whose work stems from multiple disciplines—architecture, political ecology, and development studies. His various projects attempt to open up a dialogue about the division between nature and society. Audeh was selected as a Berkeley Design Fellow (2011), a finalist for the Frieze Writer’s Prize (2012), and a traveling artist for the River Has Two Banks at Makan Art Space, Amman (2012). He graduated from New York University with a BA in Urban Design/Architecture Studies. He is currently an artist-in-residence at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo.