The Right to the City and Public Space
Public Space Seminars: Urban Violence in Post-revolution Egypt
(This event has passed)

May 20, 2013 6:30pm
Organized by: 1
Venue: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights [EIPR]
Address: 6 Dar El-Shefa St., Ground Floor, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
Event Language: English

For the past several decades, Egypt has seen endless police brutality and violence by the state, marking it as one of the world's most dominant and aggressive Police States. Since the withdrawal of the police on January 28th of 2011 and the state's campaign to punish the population for their revolution, the sense of insecurity has sharply increased. The popular sense of insecurity is expressed in experiences of mob sexual harassment, especially against political action gatherings; sectarian clashes around churches; public lynching of suspected criminals in the Delta region; and a wave of stealing of vehicles in the cities.

In this session we are going to discuss the state of insecurity and the new structures and myths of violence and societal security in Egypt after the revolution.

We will also present the findings of Nazra's research on "Societal Violence and Alternative Security Practices (SVAS)."

The discussion will be moderated by Paul Ammar, Nazra's "Societal Violence and Alternative Security Practices (SVAS)" team leader. Also Stephanie Gaspais, the Project's coordinator, Ragaa Shaman, and Mai Abdelrahim, representing the research team.

The discussion will be moderated by Amr Ramadan, a researcher in informal economy at the American University in Cairo, and Shaheer George, a researcher in the economic and social justice unit at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

The seminar is a part of a series called "Public Space Revolutionized" organized by the Right to the City and Public Space group and hosted by the EIPR (Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights).