The Right to the City and Public Space
Public Space Revolutionized Seminar Series: Who Owns the Public Space?
(This event has passed)

Apr 22, 2013 6:30pm
Organized by: 1
Venue: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights [EIPR]
Address: 6 Dar El-Shefa St., Ground Floor, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt

Dealing with the economic struggle for public space is no doubt one of the greatest urban challenges Cairo faces. Examples of this struggle are immediately apparent in every alley, street, square, sidewalk, parking space, bridge and other public arenas. Tenants, land owners, shop keepers, street vendors, drivers, walking pedestrians, soyas(informal parking attendants), just and corrupt law enforcement and all forms of informal businesses, buildings and transport are competing to make the most out of a city in political and legal limbo. This debate on public space will discuss how Greater Cairo's 20 million inhabitants have survived by finding a balance to this struggle, preventing the city from plunging into complete chaos after decades of dwindling rule of law and order and catastrophic urban planning. The debate will examine the aspects of this struggle, look at the key players, how they interact and attempt to brainstorm innovative solutions to the challenges caused by this phenomenon.

The discussion will be moderated by Amr Ramadan, a researcher in informal economy at the American University in Cairo, and Shaheer George, a researcher in the economic and social justice unit at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

The seminar is a part of a series called "Public Space Revolutionized" organized by the Right to the City and Public Space group and hosted by the EIPR (Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights).