Muzix ME
MUZIX: First Music Expo in the Middle East
(This event has passed)

Oct 23–24, 2015
Organized by: 1
Venue: The GrEEK Campus
Address: Yousef El Guindy & Falaky Street, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt

MUZIX is the first event of its kind in the Middle East. It is a music exhibition and conference aiming at promoting the music industry, the discovery, promotion and empowerment of fresh, rising musical talents from all over the region.

MUZIX brings together industry professionals, established and amateur musicians, as well as thousands of music lovers and enthusiasts under one roof. Our goal is to make the music industry larger, more professional and more welcoming than what it is today. If you have a real desire to make music, Muzix allows you to focus on your profession of being a musician and will focus on the darker art of the record label and the music industry.