Moez st + ferry trip
(This event has passed)

Aug 1, 2015 9:30am–5:30pm
Organized by: Mosaic Club
Venue: El Geish Metro Station, 3rd metro line
Address: El Geish Street 224, Cairo

A unique experience in the Islamic civilization was born to offer the world a model ahead and tolerant remains the most glamorous in ancient history where she met many nations and religions under the various Arab and Islamic leadership were foreign for fifteen centuries ago.
Dominated by the juxtaposition and dialogue and mixing and the introduction of high cultural values are overshadowed in today's world.
Today Mosaic Club team is so honered to invite you all to one of the most popular tours that we used to do it's inside the biggest open air museum in all the world it's El Moez street...were the history is more than thousand years old.

Our rules:

English conversation club rules:
1) 3 minutes for each one to talk in English.
2) Everybody is going to try to speak in English.
3) no any kind of religious ,politics talk at all.
4) All of us are going to listen to the speaker.

The topic for this round is :-
1) introducing yourself and others.
2)Success what does it mean to you?
Meeting point: in Doudok tourism harbor Kournish el nile in front
Four seasons hotel Garden city

-*- To bring list:
1)your personal expenses.
2) Water
3) hat and sunglasses
4) camera if you have to take photos.
5) Good mood and curiosity

Tour rules:
organized by Mosaic Club ,you can come and bring your camera and good mood ,don’t take a photo of any one unless he/she accepts that, Politics talk is not welcomed by any how in our tours or any of our events!!

Contact the page for more details!!

Ferry trip fees: 15 L.E per person
Monument tickets: 3 /5 for Arab and Egyptians
50 / 100 for non Arab

for more details call :01001060685

P.S everybody is welcome even Aliens ;D

Meeting point : over El geish metro station 3rd metro line,in front of the elevator from 10 :10.30 a.m