Mandala drawing on sea rocks
(This event has passed)

Sep 30, 2015 10:00am–1:00pm
Organized by: Art Café-Egypt
Venue: Art Café-Egypt
Address: 62 road 13, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Mandala drawing on sea rocks

Wednesday, 30th of September. 
From 10am to 1pm
1 workshop/170 LE

Registration & payment till Tuesday September 29th


This class is a good opportunity to expand your skills in mandala drawing art as well as a nice first time experience in the drawing. 

You will learn how to paint a mandala on a rock with acrylic and leave the class with a piece of art!

Drawing mandala is a wonderful way to allow the exploration of your inner self and healing on all levels to take place. You manifest your pure desire and intention on your own Mandala to make them happen. You release objectionable feelings while drawing your Mandala.

Drawing Mandala is ART THERAPY activity.

By practicing mandala drawing you can accomplish the following
- Balance your body, your mind, and your spirit
- Expand your creativity and consciousness
- Increase your self-awareness
- Encourage your self-expression
- Relax & enhance your meditation
- Increase concentration
- Overcome mental blocks
- And many other positive aspects

Your instructor is Irina Belova

The additional supplies required are acrylic paints, flat brush #9 or bigger, round brush #0 (the smallest), other brush thickness is optional, mixing pot, pencil, eraser, sharpener, short ruler, compass, protractor, ruler with circles is optional and very helpful. We provide you with paper & stone to draw your mandalas ...

Irina Biography

Irina is a founder and inspiring trainer of We draw mandalas project, Artist, currently teaching different arts and crafts based on intuitive self expression. She is also a founder and a trainer at The Art Nest.
She definitely knows the path to the self being's spiritual core through the art as she has discovered and passed the path her own.
Ira graduated bachalor degree with the highest honor in mathematics and physics in Russia and started making her business career in Moscow and later on found herself much happier and more satisfied in Egypt teaching arts and crafts.
Inspite of being perfectionist, Ira doesn't limit your creativity and doesn't suppress you with rules in her teaching. Feeling artistic souls she helps you to find your own way that suits you the best, she helps you to connect with your inner self and discover your hidden talents. By the way she is still discovering hers and knows that it is an endless process.
Simply she sees art in a different way. Art is a form of self expressing through colors and forms. In her practical drawing classes she can prove you that you don't need really artistic abilities to create a piece of art, all you need is your pure desire to speak through the art. All her drawing classes are based on intuitive drawing. All her craft classes are accompanied with step-to-step instructions. With a great passion to art she has her unique style in both teaching and creating.
Check these links for Irina Belova s work

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