Ma'lesh Mirette Mechail / No Point Perspective / Egypt
(This event has passed)

Apr 18–19, 2017
Organized by: Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, CCDC
Venue: Townhouse / Rawabet Space for Performing Arts
Address: Nabarawy Street, off Champollion, Downtown

No Point Perspective:

Founded in Cairo by Mirette Mechail in 2002.

Their performances are mainly the result of improvisations on personal and intimate issues, relationships and the tensions between what one wants to occur and what is actually there. This process results in productions with a vivid, light hearted and a humorous language. There is a main structure to Mirette's work that is non-narrative, yet emotionally and kinetically powerful. In her work, the dance, music, and the verbal text are an indivisible unit. Over the past 15 years, the company has premiered over 12 new performances in collaboration with artists from other disciplines including composers, film makers and musicians.


Since January 2017, CCDC is hostingMirette Mechail's residency to allow her to work on her new project, mostly based on improvisation.


As a result of this residency, a performance entitled


will take place

on April 18th and 19th
at Townhouse Rawabet theatre