Film: Giran
(This event has passed)

May 31, 2015 6:30pm
Organized by: Netherlands-Flemish Institute Cairo (NVIC)
Venue: Netherlands-Flemish Institute Cairo (NVIC)
Address: 1 Mahmoud Azmi Street, Zamalek
Event Language: Arabic, English, French (English subtitles)

Tahani Rached – Egypt – 2009 

Garden City, a small but pivotal neighborhood built at the dawn of the 20th century. Bordering on Downtown Cairo it has been the seat of the world's political powers as international political leaders had their residences in the stunning villas of the area. ‘Giran’ takes us on a journey through abandoned villas, opulent salons, foreign embassies, threatened businesses and rooftop living rooms. Houses turn into witnesses as they make flesh of history's turmoil. Residents and dwellings become a voice telling a story of hope, rupture and endurance. 

Far from political correctness, all stereotypes dropped, a glimpse of truth comes into view. An allegory of contemporary Egypt, the film challenges us to reflect as well on the security obsessions of our world today. Variety’s famous reviewer Jay Weissberg wrote about the documentary that it’s a "Fascinating viewing and a valuable piece of social history, one of the best docus on the changing nature of the Cairo scene (…) it’s neither an empty nostalgia trip nor a starry-eyed look at a gilded era."

Director Tahani Rached and co-director and producer Mona Assaad will join us for the screening and a most interesting Q&A afterwards.

Duration: 105 minutes
Language: Arabic, English, French (English subtitles)