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EZBET Community Centre Competition in Cairo
(This event has passed)

Jul 1–Sep 16, 2013
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Admission: by application
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Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

Ezbet Programme and Project

This project began in April 2013, and will continue until November 2013. The project will entail students participation in the Ezbet Abu Qarn Centre competition, a one-week workshop, and a final three-day exhibition workshop, comprised of speeches, discussions and training sessions.

The students competition is to be announced for both Egyptian and German undergraduate and postgraduate students on the 1st of July, and is presented as a free summer course. The jury will be comprised of multi-disciplinary Egyptian and German professors, as well as experts in the fields of sustainable development, informal areas development, low-Tech and traditional building construction. The design concepts rely on using environmental and low-tech construction as the instruments towards achieving a sustainable approach to build at the Ezbet site.

The outcome of the previous work of the students design projects in Städtebau Institut (SI) during WS 2011/2012, and the best results of the current students competition for 2013 will be further developed in a one-week workshop in Cairo for the final exhibition. Groups of students from Germany and Egypt will work together to present the best designs solutions.

The final event - the exhibition, in addition to speeches and training sessions - are planned to be held during the SB 13- Cairo Conference, from the 5th to the 7th of November 2013.


Competition Procedure

The competition consists of two stages:

- The first stage is the current running competition, which is a call for ideas, and should result in detailed concepts for the community centre.

- The second stage is the design adaptation workshop in Cairo, which will focus on refining and developing the best designs. Afterword five teams from Germany and Egypt will be chosen to work together in Cairo to adapt and integrate their ideas for the implementation and the construction of the project.


Prizes and Runners-up

The prizes received by the winner, runners-up and special mentions are partially awarded through the DAAD Fund and will be sponsored by AYB-ASU. Altogether, there will be five winners:

First prize: 10,000 Egyptian pounds.

Second prize: 7,000 Egyptian pounds.

Third prize: 5,000 Egyptian pounds.

Two other special-mention awards will be given for two other groups: 1,500 Egyptian pounds

These five physical awards and prizes will only be awarded to five Egyptian teams. There will be two to three special-mention awards for the German teams in the form of a full scholarship grant from the DAAD to attend the workshop in Cairo.

The Organizers are obliged to abide by the decisions of the jury committee and to pay the prize money within forty-five days after the announcement of the results.


The registration Fees are considered as a donation for the eventual completion of Ezbet Project first and second stage.


For any other donations for the Ezbet Project please contact directly via email to both the following email address ( and (