Education Reading Group: The Ignorant School Master
(This event has passed)

Oct 3, 2015 2:00–4:00pm
Organized by: CILAS - Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Venue: CILAS - Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Address: 2nd. Floor, 10 Darab El-Labbana st., al-Khalifa. in front of Al-Refai mosque, Cairo, Egypt

Please join us this coming Saturday (October 3rd) between 2 and 4 p.m. to discuss the first two chapters of French philosopher Jacques Ranciere's fascinating "Ignorant Schoolmaster" :)
Here is a short overview of the book:
Through the biography of Joseph Jacotot, a 19th century revolutionary who was forced into exile, Ranciere challenges the main assumption underlying both our political and educational systems: the idea that intelligence is unevenly distributed and that individuals considered as "smart" should educate those seen as less smart or even "stupid." According to Ranciere, we should rather develop pedagogical practices on the idea that all intelligences are equal. Following this line of reasoning, the ignorant schoolmaster does not transmit knowledge to his/her students, but rather reveals to them their ability to acquire knowledge and make progress by themselves. Just as freedom, education should not be given, but taken.

We will meet at CILAS.
Very much looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday