DCAF 2016: Delle ultime visioni cutanee (Italy) - PERFORMING ARTS
(This event has passed)

Apr 6, 2016 6:00–6:30am
Apr 6, 2016 8:00–8:30am
Organized by: D-CAF - Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival
Venue: Old French Consulate
Address: 5 El Fadl St. off Tal'aat Harb St., behind El 'Aabd
Admission: Free
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1726953394256960/

Concept, choreography and action: Nicola Galli

Delle ultime visioni cutanee is the final episode of a previous choreographic research developed in the performance prime visioni sottocutanee, O | proiezione dell’architettura ossea and the installation OSSO.

The performance is based on the presentation of the principle of reproduction in a greenhouse, in an installation environment. In this habitat the plant begins its life cycle, from planting and sprouting to obtaining the fruit which will become protection, nourishment and a means of reproduction for the seed. The action is divided into 4 chapters, which correspond to the representation of 4 landscapes: botanic, orographic, ethological, scenic.

MORE INFO ABOUT PERFORMANCE: http://d-caf.org/category/performing-arts/?post_type=event