D-CAF Visual Arts: Interlab Cairo-Dresden (Egypt-Germany) - Exhibition
(This event has passed)

Apr 6–28, 2013
Organized by: Studio Emad Eddin Foundation
Medrar for Contemporary Art
Venue: Hotel Viennoise
Address: 11 Mahmoud Bassiouny Street, Downtown Cairo
Admission: free
Supported by:
The European Union, Al-Ismaelia, Al Mawred Cultural Resource, MitOst, European Cultural Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Mimeta, Stichting Doen Foundation
Website: www.d-caf.org

Interlab Cairo-Dresden is a new interactive exhibition and is part of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF). 


The exhibition will be open every day except Friday, from 5pm - 10 pm. 


In the pioneer-project InterLAB creates creative playgrounds based on new technologies between emerging media artists and computer scientists from Dresden and Cairo. InterLAB visitors are invited to try out an intercultural exchange that is multi-sensual and tangible

How did it start? In the first phase InterLAB's participants didn't meet in person. Before the beginning of the project they even didn't know each other. The only information they had about each other were virtual. Nevertheless, they started a collective project. During an intense exchange they created, developed and merged their ideas online. Result? An interactive space dedicated to alternative ways for communication. Visitors in Cairo and Dresden are invited to try out and test the futuristic tools/prototypes for communication developed by OpenLabEgypt and Kazoosh members. Many questions emerged during this process. The most crucial one focused on exploration of what, beyond text and speech, is needed in order not only to communicate, but also to understand each other

At 2nd D-caf festival InterLAB is reaching a new level. In this step direct collaboration is intended. Co-working, side by side, in the same space in order to create even more intense communication devices. Devices that will enable an allround communication over long distances. The 2nd step comes along with a new approach according to the work-flow. To be in a close relation to other collaborators allows to create tools for communication that are transporting much more and deeper emotions, as the working spirit influence the output 

Visitors at D-caf festival will have the unique chance to explore and test these futuristic communication devices. Cutting-edge technologies combined with creative and artistic thinking will enable unforeseen encounters and exciting interactions
Will a virtual laboratory be the working space in the future?



A collaboration between
OpenLabEgypt and KAZOOSH!

Creation and management: Dia Hamed and Joanna Szlauderbach

As part of the Tandem/shaml project