Institute for Field Research, Conneticut College
Conservation Project of the Hawd of Sultan Al Ashraf Barsbay
(This event has passed)

Jun 22–Jul 24, 2013
Organized by: ARCHiNOS Architecture
Venue: ARCHiNOS Architecture
Address: Suleiman Pasha Street, Roxy, Heliopolis
Admission: by application

Studens are invited to participate in the conservation project of the hawd, a project aimed to restore structural stability as well as to adapt the building for a new use as a showroom and retail venue for the traditional craftspeople of the neighborhood. 

Students will learn about architectural and urban history of a traditional Middle Eastern city, and about principles of architectural conservation and adaptive reuse.


International Students will be working with their Egyptian Peers on this project.


Details of the program can be found on this link:


For international Students: details on how to Apply :


International students Contact:

Ran Boytner
Institute for Field Research
1855 Industrial Street Unit 106
Los Angeles, CA 90021
United States
Phone: 424.226.6130



For Egyptian students details on how to apply:

Eligibility requirements:
English language 
Flexibility and availability on the time of the Program.
Study Related to the topic (Architecture, history, archaeology..etc)

Egyptian Student Application Requirements:

*CVs/ Resumes
*Motivation letter
*Sample of works if applicable

Deadline for Application : April 20, 2013



Egyptian Students Contact:

Yasmine A.Halawa

Email :
tel: +202 2455 4734
fax: +202 2450 2290
Archinos Architecture


Egyptian students selection will be on two stages:
1- Through their Application documents.
2- Through interviews of the selected group.