Cine Megawra - Wajda (Hayfaa al-Mansour, 2012)
(This event has passed)

May 14, 2015 6:00pm
Organized by: Megawra
Venue: Megawra
Address: Al ashraf Street off Alsayeda Nafisa square - Al-Khalifa -Cairo

Screening of the first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia. Wajda, an 11-year-old Saudi girl living in the capital Riyadh, dreams of owning a green bicycle that she passes in a store every day on her way to school.
She wants to race against her friend Abdullah, a boy from the neighbourhood, but riding bikes is frowned upon for girls and Wadjda's mother refuses to buy one for her daughter. She is distracted by trying to convince her husband not to take a second wife, as Wadjda tries to find the money herself by selling mixtapes, hand-braiding bracelets for classmates, acting as a go-between for a teacher and through other forbidden activities in the school yard.

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