Amir Eid concert for Youssra El Hawary's Album support
(This event has passed)

May 6, 2017 8:00–9:30pm
Organized by: AlKawkab Art Space
Venue: El Sawy Culture Wheel
Address: 26th of July Street
underneath the 15th of May bridge
Admission: Tickets for 50 EGP

Acoustic night with Amir Eid
El Hekma Hall
Ticket Price: 50 L.E

Last February, Youssra El Hawary and The Band started their crowdfunding campaign #BetheProducer to make their first album.

The first part of the campaign was online on Indiegogo where Youssra and the Band managed to raise more than 50% of their goal.

This Concert is Amir Eid's way of showing support to Youssra, who is still trying to raise all funds necessary to make the album.

The revenues from this Acoustic Concert will go into the making of Youssra El Hawary's First Album.

Let's do this!!