Sahra with (Aragide Group) Nubian Fadeka music & songs Farah El Masry
(This event has passed)

May 26, 2015 7:00pm
Organized by: Makan [Egyptian Center for Culture & Art]
Venue: Makan [Egyptian Center for Culture & Art]
Address: 1 Saad Zaghloul st., El Dawaween, Downtown
Admission: 30 L.E per person 20 L.E per person for families.

Nubia is our gate to Sub-Saharan Africa and the bridge between the cultures of the Mediterranean Sea and the African continent. 
Nubian rituals, and the traditions of the Kenouz and the Fadeka tribes,
the two main language groups in Nubia (the third group, the 'Ukaylat are essentially Arabic speakers) are closely integrated with singing,
particularly in respect to feasts of rejoicing and wedding celebrations. 
In its traditional form this music is based on the interaction of all the performers and the audience 
with singing and clapping and accompanied by the tar, a frame drum and the kisir, 
a five-stringed lyre or the oud. Nubian music is further distinguished from other Egyptian styles 
by its use of the pentatonic scale and of particular and characteristic rhythms.
Aragid is one of the few active ensembles playing the traditional music of Nubia.
The term, Aragid, denotes the practice and music of the main procession in the wedding traditions of the Fadeka.

Tickets price: 30 L.E per person
20 L.E per person for families.

Doors open at 7:30pm.
Ps: Reservations is canceled at 8:00pm 
Tea and Karkade are served
To rsvp. 
MakAn: 1 (Not 1a) Saad Zaghloul Street, 11461, El Dawaween, Cairo.
(on the corner of across Saad Zaghloul and Mansour street) 
Tel: 00202 27920878