ParaSketchic workshop round #3
(This event has passed)

Jul 26–Aug 2, 2015
Organized by: Utopia
Venue: Utopia
Address: 13 Abdallah Ibn alTaher, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, 11759 behind Hanimex

ParaSketchic workshop round 3
----- Round 3 includes:
1- Essential modeling tools in Sketch Up
2- Whole features of Sketch Up
3- Advanced modeling techniques and tools to build complex 3d models
4- Exporting our model to make Visualization using Lumion 3D
5- Making 3D Animation and exporting our movie
6- Rendering and visualization techniques to present our models using V-Ray
7- Post Production techniques to enhance and correct our renderings
-----Programs will be used: Sketch up, LumiOn 3D, V-Ray, Photoshop
For full workshop contents, schedule and tasks


----- About the instructor:
-Name: Mustafa Mahmoud
-Information: Mustafa Mahmoud is a professional user and instructor of Sketch up and V-Ray, he has 3 years experience through working on them, and has one year experience working on real world projects.
----- Details:
-Duration:36 hours (11 sessions)
-Date: 26/7/2015
-It will be at 5:00 pm (3 days per week: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)
* you can choose your Suitable time through Application link below :)
-Participation Fees (Before 7 July 2015): 600 L.E
-Participation Fees (After 7 July): 700 L.E
-Attendants will work on their Own Laptops
For full workshop contents, schedule and tasks 

You may need to fill this application to apply to our workshop:

For more info you can call us: 01098155899