Open Discussion: The Ultras and the Black Block: Organization, Gender and Political Aspirations
(This event has passed)

Jun 11, 2013 6:00–8:30pm
Organized by: Nazra for Feminist Studies
Venue: Nazra for Feminist Studies
Address: 14 El-Saraya El-Kobra Street (formerly Fouad Serag El-Din), 4th Floor, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.

Invitation to an Open Discussion: Ultras and Black Block… Organizing, Gender Identities, Political Practices and Aspirations

Nazra for Feminist Studies has the pleasure to invite all who are interested to participate in the second open discussion of series of discussions that will tackle different themes related to the societal violence and alternative security practices that began to be formed and established to fill the gap caused by the collapse of security systems in the country since 25 January 2011

The coming open discussion will focus on the organizing, protest, disruption and cultural strategies of new very-young-peoples movements and sports-club movements and their challenge to the notions of collective action and revolutionary mobilization, the discussions will address:
What is the “gender” of very young-peoples’ organizing and are girls and young women active members, in the past or present
How do we analyze and work with children activists without being either paternalistic or romanticizing
Can we specify particular communities and cultures that are key sources of these kinds of mobilization and identity

These events will be moderated by Paul Amar, Associate Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara

The following speakers will participate in the discussion
Dalia Abd El-Hameed, Anthropology Researcher
Wael Eskandar, Independent Journalist, Blogger and Activist
Sally Toma, Psychiatrist, Writer and Activist