Mostafa Atif singing religious concert
(This event has passed)

Jun 14–15, 2016
Organized by: El Sawy Culture Wheel
Venue: El Sawy Culture Wheel
Address: 26th of July Street
underneath the 15th of May bridge
Admission: 30 EGP
Event Language: Arabic

Moustafa Atif



About the artist
Mostafa Atef was born in Mahalla al-Kubra 1990

Member of the Board of Directors Syndicate religious chanting
Studying at Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University
completed a preservation and recitation of the Holy Quran

Participated in:
Providing  a range of seminars and conferences with: Sheikh Osama al-Azhari , AL-Habib Ali Jafri , Sheikh Bouti , Dr. Ali Juma ,  Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem Dr. Amr khaled, and Mustafa Hosni
 Share a feeling of love for  the Prophet, peace be upon   with  Sheikh, "Mohammed Awad chiselled," , Mustafa Hosni and Yahya hawa in 2012 in  a concert called ( Thank you darling = Shokran habebe  ).
Group of seminars at universities  Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura andTanta, American University, and others
Group of weekly  episodes of the program  (last week – akher el esbo3 ) with Ibrahim Abdel Gawad," the channel MBC Egypt.
Group of weekly episodes of the program ( clearly = bwdoh  ) with Amr  AL-Laithi  and Sheikh  Ramadan Abd almoez in  EL-Hayah channel .
Ceremony with Sheikh Osama al-Azhari at 57357 hospital
Competition for the ideal mother with Dr. Amr khaled
Concert Association Resala charitable organization  to honor the ideals of mother with Amr AL-laithi
Egypt's first authorized in the largest mosque in Europe (Moscow mosque)

Published for him :
Program  (I saw the Prophet = shoft el nabi ) on Channel Qabila
Program (Thank you darling = Shokran habebe ) on channel Republic GTV 2012
Program ( The company = AL-Sohba ) on Dream TV in Ramadan 2013
Supplication Mustafa Atef  on Radio Mega fm Ramadan 2014. Mustafa Atef channel Diaries own YouTube

Released for him:
Recorded  (Part of ama ) and the portion of (AL-Rahman – AL-Safat – yassen  - AL-Kahf  - Mariam ).
Album (Tayb awi ) in 2014.

Volunteer work:
Young youth  Committee ( shabab moshtaq leljannah )  a team under the supervision of Mustaf

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