(This event has passed)

Sep 12, 2014
Organized by: ROOM Art Space, Dance Studio & Cafe.
Venue: ROOM Art Space, Dance Studio & Cafe.
Address: 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin st., Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
Website: www.roomartspace.com

“Room” is hosting the eighth “Writing Marathon” on the 12th of September, from 10 am to 10 pm. The marathon will be coordinated by Mohamed Abdel Raouf who did organize it before in different places in Cairo and Alexandria. The marathon will have a number of writing exercises which will guide the participants through fictional writing and will potentially stimulate their imagination.
The “Writing Marathon” is an international idea where writers sit together to write for long times, dividing their time into writing and reading sessions. Writers usually organize writing marathons to help them work with more concentration on their projects or to write together in a specific topic.


The marathon rules are:


- The marathon duration is 12 hours, from 10 am to 10 pm.

- The regular writing session duration is 20 minutes. There will be four long writing sessions, two for an hour each and other two for 30 minutes each, at which the participants can eat and rest.

- During the reading session, it is forbidden to comment or to show any signs of liking or disliking what is being read by the participants.

- It is not allowed to leave or to enter the marathon within the 12 hours in order not to spoil the experience for the other participants.

- The maximum number of attendance is 10 participants.


For subscription, please fill in this form: 


The deadline for subscription is on Tuesday, the 9th of September 2014. The ten chosen applicants will be informed via a phone call. 

The marathon fee is 50 Egyptian pounds, including a meal, tea and coffee all over the day. 

For inquiries: 
Mohamed Abdel Raouf: 01003092738