The White Space
(This event has passed)

Nov 28–Dec 22, 2013
Organized by: Artellewa
Venue: Artellewa
Address: 13 & 19 Mohamed Ali Al Eseary
Ard El Lewa, Giza, Egypt

The white space


From Thursday, 28 November until Sunday, 22 December

5:00 to 10:00pm

Note: The White Space is opened when there is no other exhibitions in Dokkan space

Open invitation to passers-by of adults and children across the street of Muhammad Ali Eleseary and visitors to the artellewa art space to express freely through colors and white walls.

over nearly seven years the “Dokkan” space which is used as a space for art exhibitions in artellewa, the “Dokkan” received over fifty art exhibitions on varied themes and forms of art. The degree of coalescence and interaction with the surrounding environment of “Ard ellewa” neighborhood is also varied from an artist to the other or from an exhibition to another one. and in that small space (which is not more than nine meters) was formed a space for interaction and a window to connect to the art scene and transfer spontaneous impressions of the inhabitants of “Ard ellewa” about the art works which are shown through the “Dokkan” space, so this space contributed to stimulate the passers-by of “Ard ellewa” to stop for watching art works which are not in the core of their daily interests or stop in front of a gathering people from outside the area of “Ard ellewa” in exhibitions’ openings, and also invited many people who are interested in art generally and contemporary art in particular to visit that space which is located outside the traditional environment for spaces which are interested in offering and providing these kinds of art projects.

Now, through the White Space project, artellewa art space is inviting everyone from “Ard ellewa” and from outside too, to pass through the white space to a more spaciousness space to share ideas, impressions and talents through the white walls of the space and colors.