Seminar - Urban Landscaping and Green Urbanism
(This event has passed)

May 22, 2013 6:00pm
Organized by: The Supreme Council of Culture
Venue: The Supreme Council of Culture
Address: 1 El Gabalaya Street, Zamalek
Event Language: Arabic

Professor Dr. Saeed Tawfik, General Treasurer of the Supreme Council of Culture, Professor Samir Gharib, president of the National Agency for Urban Landscaping, and Professor Dr. Sayed Eltouny, president of the Architecture Committee have the pleasure to invite guests to a seminar on urban landscaping and green urbanism with lectures by



Professor Sayed Eltouny: Introduction

Professor Samir Gharib: "The Challenges of Green Urbanism"

Professor Dr. Mourad Abdel Kader : "Green Urbanism - How and Why"

Professor Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Abdelalim: "The Principles of Evaluating Green Urbanism"

Professor Dr. Hamdy Kamal Mahmoud Hashem: "Basic Features of Green Urbanism"


Moderated by: Professor Dr. Soheir Zaki Hawass