Recycling Roadshow
(This event has passed)

Mar 13–23, 2013
Organized by: icecairo (Innovation - Collaboration - Entrepreneurship)
Venue: icecairo (Innovation - Collaboration - Entrepreneurship)
Address: THE GrEEK CAMPUS, Falaki Gate: 28 Falaki St., Bab El Louk, Cairo, Egypt
Tahrir Gate: 171 Tahrir St., Bab El Louk, Cairo, Egypt

ASWAN; March 13th
LUXOR; March 16th
MARSA ALAM; March 19th
Cairo; March the 23rd


Trash Lab - From Trash to Treasure.
You bring the trash - together we add the value.


ICE Cairo invites workshop participants to explore how local waste can be used to create valuable products which can be sold or used. Participants should bring along clean trash - from Car Tires (preferably with fabric lining rather than metal), to bottles, paper, card - whatever is most relevant in your local environment. The participants and instructors will then work together to create products and consider how they can make money from them. Participants are encouraged to bring their ideas, challenges and opportunities and even tools if they wish.

ICE Cairo are looking to meet young, passionate and talented Egyptians who are interested in setting up their own icehub - a space for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. They are looking for makers, hackers, entrepreneurs and community leaders to help create a space to empower communities together.
icecairo is a green technology innovation hub, established by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). icecairo will provide shared workspace & training for individuals with innovative ideas, working on local solutions to local as well as global challenges.
It is part of the emerging ice (innovation–collaboration–entrepreneurship) network of technology innovation hubs, currently implemented in Ethiopia, Egypt and Germany.