The Quantum Factor
(This event has passed)

Feb 20, 2016 4:00–8:00pm
Organized by: AlMaqarr Co-working Space
Venue: AlMaqarr Co-working Space
Address: 17 Ibn Sina st. Salah Salem st. Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Fees: 100 LE Early Bird: 80 LE till the 14th of February

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering "What am I missing? ", or “Why is my goal so hard to reach? “ Stop wondering, and just join our QUANTUM FACTOR session. 

There is a special mode of consciousness that is called RECEIVAL MODE ( ALPHA MODE ) where truly successful people abide. 

Just join Mindformers QUANTUM FACTOR session and learn about the technique of entering into your RECEIVAL MODE

During the session you will:

- Learn about the facts that underline the Quantum Law of the Universe.
- Understand how such laws can impact human consciousness. - Practice a technique that can guide you to reach Alpha Consciousness.
- Use a Biofeedback Device to measure your brain activity ( BETA/ ALPHA States of Consciousness ). 


Session Date: 20 February from 4 PM to 8 PM. 

Fees: 100 LE
Early Bird: 80 LE till the 14th of February 

To register:

And we'll be waiting for you at AlMaqarr to pay the session fees. 

Or you can pay through Ingez - انجز


About the Trainer :

Magda El Mofty Graduated with a BA in English from Cairo University, and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the American University, and a Certificate of Proficiency in simultaneous interpretation from the AUC.

She co-authored a book on The Legal Rights Of Egyptian Women in the late 80 s. She also participated in the translation into English of a book on the Sufy Views of Imam Aly Rafea, whom she considers the voice of true moderation in Islam.

She is the founding member of the Egyptian Village Development Association ( The Village: founded in1974 ). She is also the author of a book entitled " Alkinzz ", which is a self-help book directed to youth in the Arab world focused on the moderation of the true Islam, and is a guide for young people to acquire deeper consciousness.

Early in 2012 she was invited to lecture in the Egyptian Cultural Academy in Rome on the status of women after the January 2011 revolution. 

For Further Details: Check her Facebook Page