The monthly seminar with Mr. Waleed Fekry-"Haky fe Eltareekh"
(This event has passed)

Jan 21, 2016 6:00–8:00pm
Organized by: Alef Bookstores
Venue: Alef Booksores- Kafr Abdou Alexandria branch
Address: 30, Abdel Kader Ragab Street, Roushdy - Beside Roastery Roushdy Cafe
Admission: Free
Event Language: Arabic

The monthly seminar with the writer and annalist Mr. Waleed Fekry-"Haky fe Eltareekh". Its main issue is "About the legends we talk". The meeting will take place at Alef Bookstores branch at Kafr Abdou, Alexandria branch.


Branch Mobile Number: 01000229995