LIVE EDITING SESSION "Campaigning Cairo"
(This event has passed)

Mar 26, 2013 5:00–8:00pm

Campaigning Cairo invites friends, network, academics, artists, activists and everyone interested to participate in the process of editing, commenting on, adding references to, and/or questioning the articles and essays in the Campaigning Cairo publication. It has been over a year since this project began, and it has been a struggle to decide on when to finalise the book as Egypt is still undergoing a political change which is inevitably coupled with ever-changing visualities representing the people, their politicians and opposition etc. 

"We share the understanding that the process we are describing in our book has is in no way come to an end - Egypt is still in a state of political flux, with ongoing demos, the parliamentary re-elections on the way and political formations forming and modifying their visual strategies; new icons manifesting, urban murals being edited on a daily basis; we want this state of process to be reflected in the book."
-- Editor, Mikala Hyldig Dal 

In the upcoming editing session on March 26th in the Library at Townhouse Gallery, the aim is to reflect this unfinished evolution into the book’s aesthetic form.  Preliminary print of the book will be brought: everyone is invited to ad foot-notes, text excerpts, scribbles, additional text or image references, comments, observations, additions etc., concentrated on the margins and blank spots of the printed pages.

The editors and participants will comment on the printed text and images as well as on the handwritten comments, creating longer lines of action-reaction. Writing can be in whichever language the participants feel at home. 

The outcome will be discussed and the relevant pages will be scanned, which will then take the place of the originals when the book goes to the print house.