This is an exhibition about shoes
(This event has passed)

Mar 22, 2015 7:00pm
Organized by: The Townhouse Gallery
Venue: The Townhouse Gallery
Address: 10 Nabrawy Street (off Champollion Street) Downtown, Cairo

This is an exhibition about shoes
Ahmed Nage


Opening reception: Sunday, 22 March  - 7:00 pm
First Floor Gallery, Townhouse

Ahmed Nage makes shoes, like his father and his grandfather before him. Shoes are one of the most obviously functional of objects, but in a commercial space — like a storefront — they are often shown in highly aesthetic ways, as if they were useless artifacts.  In this exhibition, the viewer is left with the perhaps unsatisfying experience of encountering these things without the trusty conceptual framework that helps to distinguish whether a thing is art or design (or good or bad, or interesting or boring, or successful or failed). In the context of this unstable, fractured framework, the viewer has little choice but to confront the thing itself. So in the end, this is not really an exhibition about art or design, or economic machinations, or sociopolitical arguments. This is an exhibition about shoes.