"E'tr Shah" Book signing
(This event has passed)

Aug 17–18, 2014
Organized by: El Balad Bookstore Cafe
Venue: El Balad Bookstore Cafe
Address: 31 Mohamed Mahmoud St., 1st floor, Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt
Website: www.facebook.com/events/258707664326541/?ref=57&unit_ref=suggested_events

The novel is set in the context of alienation and loneliness, and what is going on inside the mind of an unknown female writer who has a persistent idea of a new novel, and the struggle within the cultural field, and her attempts of  publishing her works. The writer raised the issue of the sectarian and religious minorities in Arab societies. Also the relationship the writer has with cooking and smells, which is one of the themes in the text adopted by the novelist through a narrative tune that shows the smallest details of time and space. Elbalad Bookstore and Nile Group invite you to attend the signing ceremony and discuss the novel "E'tr Shah"


The novel by the young Egyptian Novolist Nesreen Alboukhunjy,  the cover and designed by Eman Attia


Sunday 17-08-2014 at 7 pm