Higher Technological Institute - 10th of Ramadan, Architecture Department
Universität Stuttgart
Eco-Architecture & Urbanism Summer School: Local Experiences and Future Technologies
(This event has passed)

Aug 17–24, 2013
Organized by:
Admission: by application
Supported by:
DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

The aim of the proposed summer school topic is to explore and integrate the design principals of the vernacular and traditional ‘local’ architecture in Egypt, with the future technologies and techniques in order to address sustainable and eco architecture coping with the modern facilities planning and design.
The summer school directly aims at:
- Merging the national research and academic institute (HTI) with the states university (ASU) in Egypt together with the German partner – University of Stuttgart to work precisely on the current important urban planning and sustainable topics.
- Bringing experience and knowledge from the German partner into the praxis and especially on site on the case study area of El-Fayoum as a natural area with high potentials for sustainable development using local experiences and supporting them with technologies and contemporary ideas.
- Integrating the students and participants from the three parties (HTI, ASU-UPDD, and SI-Universität Stuttgart) to develop together valuable ideas for the benefit of sustainable architecture and urban development.