Double Projection
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Apr 23, 2017 7:00–9:00pm
Apr 25, 2017 4:00–6:00pm
Organized by: Cimatheque
Venue: Cimatheque
Address: 19A ‘Adly Street Floor 5, Apt. 28, Downtown Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Tickets for 15 EGP
Event Language: Arabic, English subtitles

Double Projection

A Plate of Sardines 
Syria, 1997
Arabic, 17 min

The director visits the city of Quneitra, which was destroyed during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 1967 and retaken by Syria five years later, but was never rebuilt. The meaning of the images in the memories being recounted is transformed through a new look at past events and by filling in the gaps of recent events and experiences, such as remembering a plate of sardines. The memory of a place, projected onto decaying buildings, is an embodiment of the consequences of political decisions.

Love Aborted / El Hob El Maw’ood
Syria / France, 1985
Arabic, English subtitles – 52 min

In the year leading up to a 1985 international conference on gender equality in Beijing, filmmakers all over the world took part in a series of documentary films exploring changing relationships between men and women. Amiralay, invited to explore the changing social and economic status of women in Egypt, chose his female protagonists from across classes—lawyers, actresses, domestic workers—and dared them to reveal the intricacies of their interior worlds. Featuring searing interviews from men and women of varying degree of (non)fame / infamy, the comedic, but ultimately tragic work is one of the best examples of Amiralay’s prodigious talent.
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