Darawish Abul Gheit
(This event has passed)

Oct 27–28, 2016
Organized by: El Dammah Theater For Free Arts
Venue: El Dammah Theater For Free Arts
Address: 30 A El Belaasy St, Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: Tickets at the counter for 30 EGP
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/905302746280563/

El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk music presents a special Sufi night with Zar Abul Gheit in a spiritual atmosphere Thursday 27 October 2016
at El Dammah Theatre at 09:00 pm,

Abul Gheit

Darawish Abul Gheit joined El Mastaba Center in 2011. The band is led by Ahmed El Shankahawy, and presents a mixture of Sufi and Zār music with unique rhythms. The name, Abul Gheit, refers to Sheikh Hassan Al Ghitani, whose tomb is located in a small island in El Qaliyubia Governorate. Sheikh Abul Gheit was known for his Sufi Zikr nights and attracted many devoted dervishes and followers in the early 19th century. Abul Gheit dervishes had a repertoire of Sufi songs, many of which praise the qualities of their holy Sheikh. Over time, their songs fused with the Egyptian and Sudanese Zār musi which was practiced in the Arab El Mohamady area. Darawish Abul Gheit are still known for their Zikr nights; they present two weekly sessions - Fridays in Abul Gheit village, and Mondays in the Mataria area of Cairo. Admirers and followers who attend the Zikr nights believe in the ability of this music to inspire spiritual awakening and effect healing.

Since joining El Mastaba, Darawish Abul Gheit has performed for audiences in cultural centers and public squares throughout Egypt. In 2012, the band was invited to represent Egypt in the Beijing International Music Festival.

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