Cine Megawra - Water | Deepa Mehta
(This event has passed)

May 28, 2015 6:00pm
Organized by: Megawra
Venue: Megawra
Address: Al ashraf Street off Alsayeda Nafisa square - Al-Khalifa -Cairo

In the late thirties of the last century , under the umbrella of the provisions of the Hindu religion in India. The widow has to choose between burn her self to death or to be isolated and ostrasized from her society and it matter how long she will spend in this meaningless death.
The movie takes us back to the events of 1938 in the city of the holly alkatj River in the Hindu religion , during the English occupation and in the presence of the free men Ghandi , who advocated independency and freedom.
The movie is talking about one of the very sensitive issues in the religious society , its about the states of widows in Indian society during this era, under the name of exploitation of religion , widows had spent their lives half-dead as mentioned in the Hindu religious provisions , between in justice life and austerity,the writer surprised us with the child widow which, despite the harshness of what she had been through , but her childhood carried the hope and the dream of change for widows who locked due to hatred and racial community , between a lot of phrased issues which deserve to be discussed , presented by 145-mintue movie written by Anurag Kashyap and directed by Deepa Mehta , starring Sarala the child with a Canadian production in 2005, it considered one of the best parts from the trilogy which initiated in 1996 and 1998 with the movies fire and earth r respectively, The movie won several awards and the most important of them its Oscar award nomination for the best movie in 2006.
The movie presenting one of the most important discussion which has sum projections of the Egyptian contemporary reality.

Interesting experience and serious attempt to deeply understand the reality of communities of different cultures, with a critical eye and vision and artistic vision of the dramas with its various type as we can not be certain that drams are able to present the reality of communities to the audience with all its problems and phenomenons so it is drama-like-reality.
Women's union is glad to host all ones who interested in communities issues generally, women issues in particular to watch and discuss dramas which affected the history of drama , according to the movie club project the founded by Egyptian feminist union.

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