Carpentry for Beginners
(This event has passed)

Feb 4, 2014 6:00–9:00pm
Organized by: icecairo (Innovation - Collaboration - Entrepreneurship)
Venue: icecairo (Innovation - Collaboration - Entrepreneurship)
Address: THE GrEEK CAMPUS, Falaki Gate: 28 Falaki St., Bab El Louk, Cairo, Egypt
Tahrir Gate: 171 Tahrir St., Bab El Louk, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: 200 EGP, discount for icecairo members

Interested in the woodworking?
Would you like to have an idea about it?
Wanna know about carpentry hand tools, use it and produce something with it?
Would you like to make your own portable relaxing chair?

Join our icecairo wood-work-shop for beginners in Tuesday the 4th of Feb to learn about carpentry in a simple way, wooden materials from the forest to the final product, the usage of hand tools with a practical exercise in which you learn some of the wood characteristics, you will build your own simple chair, each participant will take his or her chair by the end of the workshop.

Workshop starts at 6:00 PM with participants introduction

6:15 introduction to wood science and hand tools
6:45 practical exercise of the chair making
8:50 workshop evaluation

Apply online here

Workshop cost 200 LE with discount for members

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